The heart of Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital is our surgical suite, where we offer state-of-the-art surgical equipment and tools to care for your pet. Before any surgery, Dr. Keith Brown always recommends running blood work on your furry friend. Blood work can indicate issues that may not be seen by a simple physical exam, and it is essential to know that anesthesia can be administered to your pet as safely as possible. During each pet’s pre-operative procedure, it is mandatory that pain medication is administered to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during surgery. Remember, if it would hurt us as people, it will hurt our pets as well. Before and after the procedure, your pet’s vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels are constantly monitored by Dr. Brown and his highly-trained assistants. At the conclusion of the treatment, your pet will continue to be monitored as they begin their recovery.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital offers numerous procedures in our surgical suite, including:

  • Sterilization (spay or neuter)
  • Foreign object removal
  • Dental surgery
  • Mass removal
  • Trauma/wound repair

Many other operations are conducted as well; in the event, you don’t see the procedure you feel your pet may need, please contact us for a consultation.

Dr. Keith Brown has successfully performed countless procedures on pets in the Orange Beach, Foley, and Gulf Shores areas of Alabama, and he and his team will bring that same level of care to your pet. Contact Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital for all of your pet’s surgical needs.

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital, we strive to give your pet the best care possible to ensure they leave happy and healthy after each visit.

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