Are financing options available, or is payment due at the time of service?

Payment is expected at the time of service at Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital. We understand that not all issues with our pets are expected, so we are pleased to accept major credit cards and some forms of pet insurance. Please call ahead to determine if your insurance is taken at our hospital.

Why does my pet need all vaccines to stay at Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital?

For the safety of your pet, as well as others under our care, all boarders must be current on their vaccination schedule before their stay at Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital. Contained areas such as boarding facilities could allow for the spread of illness or disease, without the benefit of vaccinated boarders.

Many diseases and conditions which were once harmful, or even fatal, are now preventable through timely inoculations. Vaccines generally contain microscopic particles of a pathogen which are not strong enough to cause illness but are able to generate an immune response to protect the pet in the event they are exposed to it later. For this reason, all pets boarding at Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital must be up to date with all required vaccinations.

Why does my pet need flea or heartworm prevention year round?

Due to the temperate climate and mild winters in the Baldwin County area of Alabama, all pet owners should administer heartworm, and flea and tick preventative all year for the safety and comfort of their pets. Heartworms are transmitted to both dogs and cats through the bite of an infected mosquito. Fleas and ticks can be transported to our pets by wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, and deer, even in the middle of towns and suburbs. Temperatures in our area do not typically reach low enough to prevent mosquitoes, fleas, or ticks, and therefore prevention should be administered all year.

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital, we strive to give your pet the best care possible to ensure they leave happy and healthy after each visit.

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